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  • CANON POINT: Anywhere from Post Avengers to CW
  • AGE: 100ish
  • SPECIES: Superhuman
  • PB: Chris Evans
  • CURRENT GAME(S): [community profile] boomtown
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Steven Grant Rogers was born on July 4, 1918, to Sarah and Joseph Rogers in Brooklyn New York. Steve was a sickly child who suffered from many many medical ailments, the most notable of which was asthma. Asthma alone is what precluded him from enlisting in the army, even though that didn't convince him to give up trying. He got beaten up on a regular basis, but he was unwilling to back down to bullies. His best friend, James Buchanan Barnes, often was bailing him out of jams. He wanted nothing more than to join the army and defend his country just like his father and best friend. He got that opportunity when he ran into Dr. Erksine, the man who saw Steve for who he was on the inside and accepted him into project rebirth. "Project: Rebirth" was designed to create the perfect soldier to fight the Axis powers. Steve went through basic training, and even though he didn't know this, Erskine had pre-selected him to go through with the procedure. In his mind, the rest was just a formality. Rogers didn't have the hearts of a lot of the people at the training camp, specifically Captain Phillips, but Rogers didn't seem to be bothered much by it.In fact, he ignored it for the most part and strived to be everything that Dr. Erksine expected him to be. The crowning moment came when he threw himself on what he thought was a live grenade to protect everyone else. The experiment was successful, and Rogers pushed to the peak of human ability. After the operation, a HYDRA saboteur called Heinz Kruger, assassinated Erskine and henceforth prevented the creation of any more Super Soldiers. Rogers felt passionate about Peggy Carter, an English military officer over watching his progress. He was denied recruitment into the Army and used as a propaganda tool. When on tour in Italy performing for active servicemen, Rogers learns that Bucky's unit was MIA in a battle against Schmidt's forces. Steve refused to believe that there was nothing he could do to save Bucky or the rest of the 107th, so with the help of Peggy, who had developed feelings for, went behind enemy lines, and rescued what left of the 107th with all the glory that Erskine hoped for him. It was the first time that he was called Captain America, and it garnered the respect that the title deserved. Steve assembled the rag tag team of the Hollowing Commandos with what was left of Bucky's unit. Steve led them aboard a HYDRA train, trying to stop it, and HYDRA in the process. Unfortunately, fate had other plans, and the man that he had entered the war to save, ended up falling to his supposed death. It changed Steve's view of the world and gave him an even bigger resolve to defeat HYDRA. He ended up defeating Red Skull, but in the process ended up crashing the Hydra ship, and he froze in the ice for 70 years. Steve woke up in a world 70 years later that was very different from the world that he left. The world had moved on without him, and he felt like he was in a time loop, a relic lost in a modern world. He found an ally in Agent Coulson, who was a Captain America fanboy. Coulson took a keen interest in Steve, in all of the Avengers. Steve's view of the world, caused him to get into conflicts with Tony and Thor, but even though he viewed getting the Tesseract back from Loki as a cut and dry mission, he was able to band together with the rest of his team after Phil was killed to defeat Loki and save the world. He left New York after the battle, just took off on his motorcycle, when we saw him again, two years passed and he was running in Washington DC with an ex-military man named Sam Wilson. They seemed to form some connection, even in that short period. Steve goes off with Natasha and along with the team of Strike agents, led by Brock Rumlow, to liberate an S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel, the Lemurian Star, which had been taken over by pirates, led by Georges Batroc, who were holding hostages, including Agent Jasper Sitwell. During the mission, Steve found Natasha extracting files from the ship's computer using an S.H.I.E.L.D. flash drive. He called her out on this as she was supposed to be helping Rumlow get hostages out and placed the whole mission in jeopardy not knowing she had been assigned to this by Fury. Steve didn't like being kept in the dark at all, and told her and Fury so when they returned. Fury took Steve into an elevator down to the underground level where three new state-of-the-art helo carriers were being worked on as part of Project Insight, an operation that would connect the helo carriers to spy satellites used to prevent any possible terrorist attacks. This was a reaction to the events that took place in New York; it left Steve feeling very uneasy, trading Loki and the Tesseract for another form of domination. Steve was feeling very conflicted when he returned to his apartment later that night. He never expected to find a very injured Fury on his couch. Out loud, Fury said that his wife had kicked him out, but Fury showed Steve through text on his phone that anybody could be listening. Before he could say anything else, Fury was shot three times. Steve looked out the window for the shooter. Fury handed him the flash drive and told him not to trust anybody. Sharon came in, armed with a gun, admitting she is an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent tasked with keeping an eye on Steve. She tended to Fury as Steve ran after the assassin, smashing through the walls to catch up. He threw his shield, but the Winter Soldier caught it with one swift move then threw it back. When Steve looked up, the assassin had disappeared. Steve went to the hospital with Fury and Hill, flash drive in hand, and watched as Fury died. He was immediately taken back to Shield to meet with Pierce. He managed to deflect his questions about what Fury was up to when he died. He thought he had Fury convinced, but he didn't. That led to him being attacked by an entire elevator full of agents, Rumlow included. Steve managed to escape and made his way back to the hospital to retrieve the flash drive. Disguised, Rogers returned to the hospital to retrieve the flash drive when he noticed that the USB was gone. Natasha appeared behind him. Angrily Rogers demanded to know what she knew; Natasha told him that the masked shooter was known to the intelligence world as The Winter Soldier, and she had encountered him before in her past. Rogers concluded that there must be valuable intel on the flash drive which was why The Winter Soldier was tasked with the assassination of Fury. Steve and Natasha went to New Jersey after they had gained access to the flash drive, and evaded the Shield agents. There they learned that SHIELD was HYDRA, and that was who they had been working all this time. Again they were attacked by HYDRA and managed to escape to Sam Wilson's who offered to help them take down Hydra, with the help of his Falcon wings of course. Through the course of their investigations, it was discovered that the Winter Soldier was Steve's best friend Bucky Barnes, who he thought died when he fell off the train. Steve felt nothing but guilt and remorse over this. His focus shifted to not only taking out HYDRA but also saving his friend, who had no memory of him thanks to HYDRA. Steve and his team managed to take down the helocarriers, but not before Steve was shot several times, and despite that managed to save his trapped best friend, before he was beaten to a pulp. He managed to get out the phrase to the end of the line before losing consciousness and falling into the Potomac. Bucky, regaining some feelings for Steve, rescued him, throwing him onto the shore of the Potomac before disappearing. Steve made a vow to find him, and with Sam's help, he set about finding Bucky and dismantling hydra. Steve used the time wisely, and with the Avengers, who were now funded by Tony Stark, began to slowly dismantle HYDRA bases all around the world. A man can be put in the modern world, but the 1940's can't beat out of a man. He was teased by Tony after Stark swore during battle and he was told to mind his language. All appears to be going well as the Hydra forces begin to crumble under the might and cohesiveness of the teams assault until Clinton Barton is taken down by unknown metahuman assailant with enhanced speed. Rogers orders a regrouping of the team to the Quinjet, while he goes after Strucker and Stark requires the scepter. Upon arriving at the base, Rogers finds Strucker and encounters a second metahuman who is a woman with the ability of telekinesis who used her power to throw Rogers down a flight of stairs. Rogers quickly recovered from the attack and captures Strucker by knocking him unconscious with his shield and placing him into custody. With their mission accomplished the team aboard the Quinjet make their way back to New York City to their headquarters at Avengers Tower. During their flight back Rogers, Thor and Stark converse on how their quest has come to an end with Thor preparing to leave earth with the scepter in toe back to Asgard. Tony requested permission to continue studies on the scepter for three days before Thor leaves and asked if he'd be attending the farewell party. Both Rogers and Thor agree to Stark's invite and grants him access to the scepter. Inside Avengers Tower, Maria Hill brings Rogers up to speed information on the Twins known as Pietro Maximoff and Wanda Maximoff. Rogers realizes that they pose a danger as their intent on causing a war. Steve also was one of the only Avengers that was able to move Thor's hammer even a little bit. He got into a conflict with Tony when Tony failed to inform them that he created a super computer in the form of Ultron. Steve was never one to tolerate people who withheld the truth, so it put him into conflict with Tony. Even though Ultron was defeated, it came at the cost of the Avengers, who disbanded and the New Avengers were formed. Steve currently works with Natasha to train Wanda Maximoff, The Vision, Sam Wilson, and James Rhodey. Steve, Tony, and Natasha lived a relatively peaceful life, training the New team of Avengers. He and Tony developed a close working relationship and friendship. Steve relied on Tony for explaining things about the future he needed to know. He learned to deal with Tony and all of his quirks, and had grown to like them. To a degree. Steve would always have blinders on when it came to Bucky, and finding him was no exception. Steve's focused, driven attitude divided his team to its very core. Some might say that there were events in Steve's life at the time that forced him into taking the direction that he did. The first one being losing Peggy, the love of his life, to old age. He was already disgruntled with the idea of the Accords, not that he thought he above needed to be checked, he just thought that he was the better choice to check himself. It was one of the drawbacks of being temporarily controlled by the Nazi's and HYDRA. He didn't want to answer to any other higher authority. The second was that he found Bucky alive and being charged with something he didn't do. That, of course, gave Steve a single focus to the exclusion of all others including Tony. His only focus was making sure that his friend was safe, and not falsely accused. He made some mistakes along the way, though. The first one being leaving the rest of his team to get captured to save Bucky. Thanks to Natasha, they were able to escape, but at the cost of her personal freedom. Steve doesn't lie, but when it comes to Bucky, he doesn't always tell the truth either. He should have told Tony that it was Bucky, acting as the Winter Soldier that Howard and Maria Stark, instead he let Tony believe that his parents had died in a car crash. If he had told Tony then maybe things wouldn't have blown up so spectacularly causing Steve almost to kill Tony to save Bucky. In the end, he left with Bucky, his friendship with half the Avengers in tatters. He is a fugitive for having defied the accords, and also he broke Hawkeye, Falcon, the Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man out of detention, with Tony's help. He tries to make amends with Tony by sending him a burner phone and a letter..
  • Steve Rogers to his very core is a noble and honest person. He does not hesitate to stand up for what he believes in or put himself in harm’s way to save someone else. This started at an early age and continued all the way up to and including him becoming Captain America. The one example that comes to mind is when Steve throws himself, on what he believes is a live grenade to save the other men. He never even blinked or hesitated a truly noble act. Steve believes in honesty, more so after the serum since he lied on various enlistment papers to get into the army. He was at heart an honest person, and just lied to achieve something that he wanted more than anything, to protect and serve his country. Steve is a proud American Patriot, and always had been. He fought long and hard because he wanted to get into the army to help defend his country from injustice. As Captain America Steve embodied patriotism, and the American way of life that the government tried to project. He may think that the stars and stripes are cheesy at times, but the rest of his country does not. Steve had always had an intolerance towards bullying and injustice, maybe because he was bullied when he was skinny and is even less tolerant of bullies or weaker people being bullied as an adult. He took great personal offense and became the champion of the underdog. Being frozen for 70 years can change a person, add to that a super soldier serum, you are guaranteed something different. The serum heightened his intelligence, not that he wasn't smart, and inventive before, he had to be to invent so many ways to enlist. The serum just heightens his natural intelligence. The 70-year ice nap, also made him slightly naive of the new time he now found himself in. The ways of the new world were strange and very foreign to him. He struggled to adapt in the beginning, but after deciding to keep a list of everything he needed to know, he found acclimating a bit easier. He still struggles with not being in the 1940's, being in a different time, and the toll it has taken on Steve emotionally is something that can be seen if you know him well enough. His teammates seem to respect him and defer to his judgment in most battle situations. He is a mentor of sorts to the younger members and a source of comfort and strength to the more seasoned members. The term set in his ways is something that could apply to Steve. A little of this stubbornness can be seen when he is arguing with Bucky at the State Fair. He felt very justified in the fact that he was right to try and keep enlisting, despite Bucky saying that he would get himself killed. There are a definite right and wrong for Steve, and no gray. It causes him to come into conflict with his teammates, especially Tony and Nick Fury. There is little wiggle room in Steve's world when it comes to right and wrong. He has always been determined, so time has not changed that. Steve is a very social person to the people that he is closest to him, which counts his team. Steve feels like his team is his family, perhaps because he has no other family to speak of. He is quick to offer advice, comfort, and support to his teammates. His walls are down when he is on his team. He is much more relaxed and at ease with himself. His most recent mission has caused him to question place in the world. He believed that what he was doing was the right thing; he always believed that he did the right thing. He was Captain America after all; he was supposed to know the right thing to do. He was left wondering, though if he was truly the moral compass that everyone said he was. He had put countless lives in jeopardy for the sake of one life, fractured his team, and got his friends arrested. He is remorseful for what he did to Tony, his friend. He is working on mending fences when we last see him.
  • STAT: owns a Carpentary Business
  • STAT: lives with Malcolm and Alexis
  • STAT: entered New Dodge in February
  • STAT: Piercing Apprentice
  • STAT: Stat info
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