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I'm opening commissions for HTML codes to use on Dreamwidth!
background from here

I love doing codes because I like making things pretty. They do not have to be for RP! Samples are all over this community, but here are a few select ones, arranged from oldest to newest:
A CR chart based on Devil Survivor 2's Fate System.
A code based on Twitter. Took me 3 hours.
Info page part 1, part 2. Took me 4 hours.
Navigation page based on Persona 3 Portable menu. Took me 3 hours.
Final Fantasy 9's status screen.
Navigation code made to look like the Google homepage.
CR chart/info code based on Super Dangan Ronpa 2.
Circle navigation code.

I charge for codes depending on how complex they are. Starting price is at 15 Dreamwidth points. A relatively simple muselist might cost around 15 points, while complex codes like this one or long info posts will cost around 60 points. If making it takes me less than an hour, it's on me. Once you comment to this post, I will send you an email, a private message on Dreamwidth on plurk so we can talk details and price estimates!

I will send you a screenshot of the code once I am done. You don't have to send the points right away! I will only ask you to do so after I show you the end result.

I only take up to 2 commissions at a time. I only take Dreamwidth points.

Interested? Please fill out the form below so we can get started! Comments are screened.

Terminal Tokyo Digimon info code for [personal profile] makiri
Muselist and profile codes for [personal profile] wailmer
Plasmids and Gene Tonics listing for [community profile] ryansgulch
Game setting page for [community profile] ryansgulch
Modified permissions page for [profile] bratmobile
Permissions page for Fumika.
Pokemon roster for Kattu. Cost 30 points.
Pokemon egg list for Kattu. Cost 20 points.
Ace Attorney-based code for Liah. Cost 50 points.
fate/stay night-based code for Kattu. Cost 60 points.
The mod post layouts at [community profile] warforged ([personal profile] modforged). Cost 40 points.
CR chart for Re. Cost 15 points.

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commissions are closed
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